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Identifying and Rebooting an Unmotivated Employee

I’ve been reading a lot on this subject and more often than not, I come across articles that are based on the assumption that unmotivated employees are lazy or a ‘bad hire’. This is not always the case. It has been found that even the best hires can, at times, become demotivated owing to certain circumstances. The…
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A Post-Internship Thank You Email Will Improve Your Job Prospects

When you are an intern who’s looking to make a mark in the world, there are usually two big things going through your head. The first thing is that you want to get employed as soon as you graduate and the second one is that you want a reputable organization to kick start your professional…
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What is a Learning Culture and Why it’s Important?

Organizations that prioritize the ongoing learning and development of employees are more likely to be successful than those that don’t. A learning culture can be defined as the collection of values, practices and processes of an organization. This culture encourages employees as well as the organizations to constantly develop knowledge and competence. Since the constant…
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Digital Skills That Can Make Fresh Graduates Instantly Employable

Over the past couple of decades, business organizations across the globe have digitized their processes and daily operations. Some future focused organizations have even incorporated artificial intelligence to streamline workflows and supply chains. Owing to this, the job seekers, even the fresh graduates, are now expected to have a set of certain digital skills that…
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Top Ten Skills Employers Looking for

Nothing is forever—especially in the workforce. So naturally, the job skills that employers look for in new inducts change from year to year. It’s one of the best ways for companies to stay competitive and ahead of the never-ending challenges. here is a list of Top ten skills employers looking for. Communications Communicating effectively Both…
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